Security in a 5G World

5g security

The forthcoming 5G is expected to bring devices with convenience, comfort and safety – in the process of which we need secure wireless controls as not to become a threat to us.

Let’s take a closer look at the future of 5G – the benefits, risks and the security measures we need to take.

According to The New Yorker, 5G will pump twelve trillion dollars into the global economy by 2035 and add twenty-two million new jobs in the United States alone. So, the real value of 5G to the public is likely to come through technological advancements. For example, robots building precision-machined units, surgeons to operate remotely using VR headsets. That does not mean that an average consumer cannot enjoy the benefits. – Stores that let you try on outfits without walking to the dressing room or see what a sofa would appear like in your living room without physically placing it there.

Also, the foreseen download speed of 10 Gbps entirely changes the way you look at your cellphone. Like other advances in technology, things that make your life more comfortable can also make life remarkably difficult because of the cybercriminals.

5G will undoubtedly escalate the number of IoT devices online, and currently, IoT security regulations barely exist. Consequently, as this rising attack surface draws more cybercriminals, we may witness IoT malware shooting up. The inclusion of more devices and bandwidth not only gives cybercriminals more targets but may also increase the number of DDoS attacks compared to today. Under these circumstances, Wireless Security becomes a requisite.

Cooperation of all the stakeholders becomes necessary to reduce or to end the increasing attacks. Minimum cybersecurity requirements for manufacturing IoT devices becomes critical in preventing attacks and establishing a rating system to educate customers on the need for safety of the devices in comparison with the others.

Users can also do a few other things to stay safe, most of which are only best practices today but will be crucial with the adoption of 5G:

– Invest in malware protection for your devices

– Ensure that none of your devices, especially the IoT devices use the factory default password

– Make sure your devices run on the latest OS version

– Stay up to date on the developments in cybercrime

– Procure internet-connected devices only from a trusted company that makes security a top priority


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