Cybersecurity in Patient Safety

cyber security

Patient safety is crucial in healthcare. Companies have different policies in place to safeguard patients. The patient safety process may consist of procedures to ensure regular treatment and proper medication, environmental safety measures, guidelines for proper communication of patient information. Most organisations may not look at cybersecurity when considering patient safety, but it is crucial in protecting the patients. Healthcare organisations have the duty of keeping their patients safe against any frauds, security breaches and ensuring their mental well-being.  

Information Security 

Patients’ medical records have sensitive information like diagnoses and billing information. If a healthcare organisation is not careful enough to protect these records, it might lead to a disastrous experience for the patient. Illegal possession of a person’s medical records may lead to medical identity theft, discrimination and unhappiness or worse.  

Insurance fraud can result in patients being unable to access the medical care they need. So, with the widespread of digitisation, hospitals should implement a secure transaction process.  

Cyber Security 

Cybersecurity is of the utmost priority today. By deploying systems like Autonomous Management Framework and Self-defending Networks, institutions can secure their patients’ information. These systems work along the side of existing firewalls to provide maximum security.  

Educating your employees is another necessity in safeguarding your patients. Most security breaches arise from the company’s network.  

Customer Satisfaction 

Patients are the customers in any healthcare institution. Although vital, quality of care is not the only factor in deciding a patient’s satisfaction. When the hospitals provide patients with a secure network for telehealth visits and medical records, it leaves a brilliant impression of the overall service quality.  

What can Healthcare Providers do? 

Healthcare providers need to choose the best-suited product for the security of their patients. Inflow’s partner Allied Telesis is a trusted partner that helps healthcare organisations assure their patients of cybersecurity. The reliance on technology by healthcare is ongoing and will only expand with time. Along with the progress in the digital world, healthcare providers should stay informed about the updates and trends in the cybersecurity space to secure their patients with the most efficient products available.   


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