Rapid Data Recovery



“The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad; it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.”

– Andy Gilman

In today’s era of modernization, ‘data’ is one of the most powerful tools a business has. It is gathered from a variety of sources and can provide information about customers, employees, products and services, competitors and so on. It can offer actionable insights and crucial details that facilitate business growth.

So, when a malicious threat like ‘ransomware’ spells trouble for the organization, it may result in data loss disasters which can damage the business and stall productivity.


Ransomware attacks disrupt business operations

A malware program is launched through downloadable files, emails, and attachments. Once a user accesses and forwards it, the malicious program spreads across all the devices using it. When the malware is activated, the entire operating system gets blocked, and it launches an alert with the ransom to restore all information.


More and more cybercriminals are devising such malware attacks to extract vast sums of money from their targets. Many a time, businesses pay a ransom to retrieve their data or replace the infected devices – either way, they suffer from a substantial financial loss. Apart from this, they also experience reputational harm, business downtime, regulatory fines and loss of productivity.


Over the years, ransomware attacks have shown no signs of diminishing. Many organizations are investing an increasing amount on preventive measures against cyber threats. However, it’s practically not possible to stop every attack, especially for large enterprises. That’s why they need to focus on resiliency and recovery when they fall victim to an attack.


Need for Data Recovery solutions

The ability to restore encrypted or stolen data at the earliest diminishes the impact of the attack. That’s why it is essential that businesses have the right infrastructure to store and retrieve critical information and thereby sustain the continuity of operations as soon as possible.


Data recovery solutions like Data Rewind allows you to recover data from a point in time before it got infected; without paying any ransom at all. Hence, it is crucial to implement solutions that take data backups regularly – onsite, offsite, cloud and online. It is also vital to frequently test and validate this backup to ensure it is not corrupted.


It is clear that deploying solutions that protect information through backup and recovery are critical for any organization. They can speed up the restoration time, save money and get the operations up and running. Although one cannot guarantee a 100% protection plan against ransomware, it’s the recovery time that can make or break the business.

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