Access to the right data is a critical mandate for IT professionals to maintain application ecosystems. While it’s easy to have distributed frontends on-premises, efficient and cost-effective ways to ensure scalability and data locality are close to zilch. Besides, practised application architecture is transforming. This means object storage solutions should support modern protocols and access methods.

Data Sources

  • 3.8 billion users of connected mobile devices by the end of 2023 resulting in 1 PB of data handled by each IT professional 

To manage and scale a business amidst this remarkable data explosion, the need for metadata has increased.

With business insights, organisations can monetise the data and become more efficient. Object storage mediums facilitate large amounts of metadata with each object allowing more detailed analytics.


Despite the benefits, object storage is much more cost-effective with a variety of secondary and long-term storage use cases as compared to the other storage mediums.


Block storage volumes are accessible only when attached to an OS, while object stores consist of data and metadata accessible through APIs directly.

This means application developers have direct access to the data that supports quick delivery of services.

Dell EMC ECS + Kemp ECS Connection Manager Capabilities

ECS Connection Manager brings many capabilities to the table that enhance and simplify object storage deployment:

S3 Storage Awareness and Optimisation: S3-optimized algorithms for the correct routing of object read/write requests in addition to the even traffic distribution.

Quality of Service: Consistent levels of service for multi-tenant and multi-infrastructure applications.

Multi-network Support: A simplified publishing mechanism of ECS service endpoints across multiple network segments with reduced need for complex routing.

High-speed Network Integration: Native connectivity at speeds of 25 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps for simplified integration with existing network infrastructure.

Dynamic Global Host Resolution: Multi-site global server load balancing and hybrid environments with applications accessing ECS infrastructure using multiple methods.

Enhanced Defence and Public Sector Support: Secure data in-flight with standard algorithms and ciphers.

Object storage must be a part of modern data storage strategy. Dell’s ECS solution combined with Kemp’s ECS Connection Manager, dramatically improves the efficiency, scale and resilience of an object storage deployment.

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