The Inflow Center of Excellence

Experience the advanced breed of Cisco Security & Mobility

What is it?

The Inflow Center of Excellence is the one-stop solution platform to have an immersive experience the advance breed of Cisco Security & Mobility. The Center of Excellence has the ability to showcase real-time scenarios specific to various verticals/customers and also enable channel partners to get both advanced and hands-on understanding of these solutions.

The Inflow Center of Excellence in Bangalore 

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A distinct advantage for our Channel Partners

The primary goal of the Inflow Center of Excellence is to offer a unique opportunity to experience first-hand, in its most immersive form, the latest offerings in Cisco Security & Mobility Solutions to our channel partners & customers – which is currently unavailable elsewhere in India.

What do you get?

The Inflow Center of Excellence is an “instructor-led” environment, and once comfortably settled down in the space, you could take a walk through case studies involving the industry’s most advanced Security & Mobility solutions, and experience first-hand as it goes about addressing the obvious pain points in different business verticals. We are immensely glad and proud of this collaboration with Cisco, which would give our Channel partners a clear & distinct advantage of leveraging this platform to bring never-before business opportunities their way, in turn creating immense business value.

Channel Partners could leverage this resource to bring value preposition to their valued customers across different business verticals, while bringing distinct value to new business opportunities.

Some of the advanced use cases offered in COE

Security Use Cases

Underlying Technology 

Network as a Sensor and Enforcer (NAAS/NAAE)

ISE + StealthWatch

Rapid Threat Containment (RTC)

ISE + ASA FirePower

Threat Centric NAC

Endpoint AMP + ISE

Mobility Use Cases

Underlying Technology 

Passer-by to Visitor Conversion & Visitor Behavioural Analytics

CMX 10 + Cisco Prime Infrastructure + WLC integration

Wireless Threat detection and Mitigation

Mobility Services Engine/WIPS + Cisco Prime Infrastructure + WLC integration

Guest On boarding

ISE + WLC integration


CMX 10 + Cisco Prime Infrastructure + WLC integration + HALO Modules