Meraki First

Why Meraki ?

As company’s connectivity needs to grow- with more devices, cloud environments, bandwidth-heavy applications and more – managing a network in cloud allows business to easily scale and optimize their network. But not all network management solutions have the same capabilities.

Cisco Meraki stands out as the best cloud based network management solution due to its combination of cutting edge devices and powerful, easy to manage Software. The Cisco Meraki suite provides business a simple, efficient way to configure and oversee their networks securely, with the ability to scale as their connectivity needs change.


Business Vertical: EDUCATION

Business Requirements


Meraki Solution

Mobile device Managing the mobile devices of Institute staff, personal or corporate endpoints

Security Enforcement, Native network integration, Policies for BYOD, support for all major mobile platforms, part of Meraki Platform dashboard

Restrict inappropriate or recreational content for students and maintain safe search compliance.*

Meraki cloud Dashboard

Meraki System Manger

Meraki MR, MX and Umbrella

Stop malicious files and virus

Protect devices from phishing attacks, Ransomware, Malwares, Malicious files and Risky websites.

Meraki MR and MX

Find lost or stolen devices

Alert when a school-owned device leaves a designated area

Physical safety and security with surveillance

Meraki MR

MV Series

Data loss prevention

Protect confidential data and Intellectual properties.

Meraki MX, MR and Umbrella

Business Vertical : HEALTHCARE

Business Requirements


Meraki Solution

Remote patient monitoring

Continuous monitoring of patients

Meraki MV Cameras, Meraki sense


Secure access to  resources and integrated Wi-Fi for tele medics

Meraki MR

Hospital Physical and Device Security

Secure connectivity for wearables and medical devices, enabling continuous monitoring in patients.

Physical safety and security with Motion detection (Motion alerts on emergency for ICU Patients)

Meraki MR, SM, MV

Meraki MV

Data Loss prevention

Protect sensitive data and Intellectual properties.

Meraki MX and Umbrella

Securing the Hospital network from Internet born threats

Centrally cloud managed, Faster to deploy, Built-in SD-WAN, WAN Health, App perf, UTM functions for security, 3G/4G

MX Series

Secured remote Access to Deans and HOD’s

Secured Remote Access to Hospital Database and Intellectual Property with ZTNA for VPN Users



Meraki (MX) SD-WAN

Business Vertical : CO-WORKING

Business Requirements


Meraki Solution

Right experience to the different worker groups

Seamless High Density Wireless

Faster Incident response and troubleshooting

Different plans for different speeds and more devices

Meraki cloud Dashboard

Meraki MR