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We know how the pandemic COVID-19 is having a massive impact on businesses and employees globally. We understand that amidst all that’s happenings around us, organizations must function, companies should run, and employees need to continue to work.

In remote working or working from home (WFH) situations is where Keysight Innovate Anywhere comes in. Employee performance suffers when network performance isn’t great. One needs to be able to focus on working efficiently, rather than worrying about missing the next conference call. So, if you are unable to collaborate during remote working, Keysight Hawkeye and VPN Gateway Assessment Service can help you get back into the game.


Keysight Innovate Anywhere helps you work seamlessly regardless of where you are working. The three key benefits of the software include:

  • Complimentary software licenses with 90 days trial.
  • Remote Learning
  • Live Network Testing with Hawkeye


Complimentary Software Licenses with 90 Days Trial
All one needs to do is – sign up, download, and start using

  • PathWave USA
  • PathWave BenchVue
  • PathWave Signal Generation
  • PathWave Test Automation
  • PathWave FPGA
  • PathWave System Design
  • Infiniium Offline Real-time Oscilloscopes
  • FlexDCA

Remote Learning

For people who are looking to improve their skills, learn new concepts, or to learn new tools, Keysight offers a set of eLearning modules and webinars.

Live Network Testing with Hawkeye

Generally, when an issue arises with the end-user experience, network and application teams tend to blame each other. Hawkeye Network Performance Monitoring Tool enables you to diagnose the exact cause of the problem in such cases. Synthetic monitoring with simulated traffic allows you to check the network performance without waiting for users’ feedback. Find out how your network is performing and deliver the best user experience to your customers.

SSL VPN Gateway Assessment Service

One of the most common concerns related to the network today is centred around VPNs. VPN and remote access infrastructure are primarily affected by an ongoing spike in use. Read the article on how VPN Gateway Assessment Service can help you manage your VPN.

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