Euro Truck Simulator 2: Road to the Black Sea DLC coming in 2019

Euro Truck Simulator Black Sea DLC

The euro truck simulator first edition was created by the SCS software company which has a vast experience in the creation of thrilling simulation games. From when the simulation game was created, it has undergone tremendous changes both in the improvement of features and also the general outlook of the game and this has a key role in making sure that the player enjoys the game. There are various DCLs which have been created and released by the software company for use by the players. Some of the DCLs are part of the ets2 mods including map extensions, cargo packs, trailer packs, tuning, and cabin accessories, and painting themes. Today I will major on the road to the black sea, which is one of the latest DCLs which will be released by the software company in 2019.

The new road to the black sea DCL will contain awesome features which I will brief you of.

Rich history – the road to the black sea DCL will reveal to you the rich history of the cities which you will be passing through and hence the player will get to know more about such cities and perhaps also get an idea of how they came to be how they are.

Unique architectural building designs- once this DCLs is released you will be able to have a chance to view unique architectural designs which will leave you astonished since the buildings are so good. Such designs are rare and hence it will give the player an idea of the latest and fashionable designs coming up in the market.

Coastal roads- there are some coastal roads which will play a key role in making you have that feeling as if you are in a real coast and you will enjoy the beautiful scenery which is usually at the coast. The roads are smooth just like those at the coast even though they may seem to be sandy.

Forest roads- those who love nature should not worry since the road to the black road have forest roads which will make the player enjoy the trees and the natural environment of the forest and this will mainly accommodate those who love green nature. The forest roads are narrow just like the real forest road you may know of.

Landmarks-there are various landmarks which may tell you something about the area you are in or the area you are approaching. Such landmarks include Dracula’s castle, which has a very important significance. The landmarks can also serve as a stopover where the player can stop the truck and probably take a nap after a long traveling and this will help in re-energizing the player to continue w-with the journey ahead.

Natural landscapes- there are various natural landscapes which are not only eye appealing, but also attractive and this will enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Mountain ranges- this is one of the best places where a player gets a chance to explore while delivering the cargo. The player gets a chance to pass through various terrains and enjoy the feeling. One also gets to see various mountain ranges along the way and this adds to the beauty of the environment.

New roads- this DCL comes with new roads which will help in the ease of snarl-ups which may occur in most urban centers and as a result, it will lead to late delivery of the cargo and this may attract a penalty.

I shall be able to review more when the DCL is released by the software company.

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