CellIT.in: Smartphone Margins To Drop, Wireless-Security Will Increase

B Swaminathan, Associate Editor catches up with Byju Pillai, President & CEO, Inflow Technologies , one of the few biggies in the Indian IT distribution. Byju discusses various aspects on how he want to see his company in the near future and the key trends of the IT industry that decides 2016. Excerpts.

B Swaminathan (Swami): What, according to you, are the key challenges a national distributor face in Indian market scenario

Byju Pillai (Byju): Distributors have a key role in ensuring that statutory obligations are taken care of as per the law of the land. With constant changes to various taxation related laws, Distributors need to be sure that they are constantly updated and are compliant, Distributors also have a role in ensuring that not just their employees, but the entire eco-system (partners, vendors) understand the law of the land

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