10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Biometrics! – Part 2

10 ways your business can benefit from Biometrics!In our previous blog, 10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Biometrics, we learnt about five various techniques biometrics could be leveraged by businesses. Know more ways in which it can benefit businesses below.


6.Visitor Management
Maintaining Log Books and ID Cards for managing visitors are tedious and outdated methods. A biometric visitor management system can effortlessly collect visitors’ data and grant them access to secured area/data. The technology identifies visitors with their biometric data, collect demographic information and send digital badges that can be used anytime during their visit.

7. Education Sector
Schools and colleges can capitalise on biometrics for maintaining academic records and attendance reports accurately. These salient features can make student data management hassle-free. Biometrics also remarkably increases the security of students.

8. Healthcare
Biometric technology can be leveraged by medical and healthcare facilities to accurately identify patients, their demographic data and securely access their medical history. It helps in preventing duplication of medical records and assures the security of personal medical information of patients. Biometric technology can effectively be used to treat unconscious patients by quickly identifying them and making decisions based on their medical history.

9. Financial Services
Banks and financial institutions can significantly benefit from biometric technology. It increases security, service quality and saves huge money from identity fraud/theft. It also creates an accountable audit trail and improves internal operational efficiency. Biometric technology is easy to implement and hard to breach. As a result, its adoption is increasing, and the number of fraudulent activities is coming down rapidly.

10. Transport Services
Biometric technology has been gaining popularity in the transport industry. It eliminates criminal activities like fake license, using rigged number plates on stolen vehicles etc. Transport businesses can minimise the risk of being invaded by any fraudulent drivers by using biometric technology to store and process millions of driver licenses, shifts, and past criminal records.

Biometrics is an excellent investment for businesses in terms of both security and time management. It is easy to implement, versatile and scalable. With the right software integration and implementation, businesses can save time and thus money. Biometrics technology is the next wave in any business.


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